Posted by: joshjasper | March 31, 2014

2 Steps

Michelle sent me a note last night that got me thinking about how close we all are to the fringe.  She was advocating on behalf of one of her clients that needs a wheelchair ramp at her house.  Here’s a bit of the note:

Ennoble Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center has a young female patient that needs the communities help. She has been admitted to Ennoble 4 times in 1 year for varies medical reasons. Her daughters would like to bring her home and care for her. The only thing stopping her is 2 steps into the front door. We are asking the community to come together and donate materials to build a wheelchair ramp. The wish of our patient is to not have to live in a skilled nursing home at the age of 55 just because of 2 steps. She has become a part of our family at Ennoble and we would love to see her successful out in the community once again. Please open up your hearts to us and this women so she can be home with her daughters and grandson.

This woman is a mere “two steps” away from having her life turned upside down…forever.

Michelle got me thinking about our mission at Resources Unite.  We focus on volunteerism and connection.  More specifically though, connection from people wanting to help to people in need.

There’s no question that putting together a wheelchair ramp for this person will have a profound impact on her life.  But what about the impact that is made for the people who ultimately help putting this ramp together for her?  I’ve seen it firsthand.  I’ve seen volunteers getting choked up after being thanked for their help on other projects.  It’s an invaluable experience knowing that you have helped someone in need; knowing you have positively impacted the life of another person.

At the end of our lives, all that really matters is that we made a difference.  It’s not about money, status, or anything else.  We want to know that we’ll be remembered…remembered for being the person that helped people with those “two steps.”








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