Posted by: joshjasper | October 31, 2013


Isaac could hardly wait to get home tonight to dig out his Optimus Prime costume and run over to the neighbor’s house to get some candy.  Optimus is one of his heroes.  He’s an Autobot that protects the human race from the likes of Devastator and his fellow Decepticons.  When wearing his costume, Isaac feels strong and invinceable.  He runs around the house, saving the day for his sister Lila.

It’s no coincidence that the Resources Unite t shirts you’re starting to see around town have a superhero feel to them.  We are committed to giving a RU shirt to every person we meet that is making a difference in our community.  They are regular people like you and me, but at some point in their day or week, they take on another persona.  They transform into mentors, hotline advocates, and all other forms of volunteers.  These individuals are our modern day superheroes.  Every day they are changing the way we change the world.


It’s Halloween tonight and I’m hoping see a bunch of little ones at our doorstep, dressed in what they want to be when they grow up.  When I toss a few pieces of candy in their buckets I should tell them to keep their eye out for the real heroes in town donning the orange shirts, supporting organizations and individuals in our community every day; changing the lives of so many.

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  1. My friend sent me your blog, as my name is Ru. So thrilled that even tho an acronym, finally Someone spells it right.

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