Posted by: joshjasper | January 18, 2012

The Ways of the Jedi

I’m sitting here at Jitterz, sipping on an espresso drink, listing to some Pearl Jam, thinking about my community.  I’m still a little hopped up from some meetings I’ve had this week.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet with some people to share the mission of Riverview Center, with the hopes of getting them involved in our important work.  It’s these meetings that I feel a little like a Star Wars Jedi.  There will be a point in the conversation when I’m looking the person in the eye, sharing about the prevalence of domestic and sexual violence, and it happens.  I can see it in their eyes; they get it.  The energy in the room becomes electric, and they’re in…all the way.

Remember the scene from Star Wars with Obi-Wan?

Now that the caffeine is flowing through my veins, (I rarely drink espresso) it’s all becoming quite clear.  People want to get involved; they want to make a difference.  Sometimes though, they need to be given the opportunity, and that’s our job.

Let’s create an army together; an army of Storm Troopers fixed on the eradication of violence.  Yeah, it’s time for a refill!



  1. I’m in! All the way in! Let’s do it! What else can I do?!

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