Posted by: joshjasper | December 2, 2011

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad,

I just found out that coach went to jail. I guess he was hurting Jimmy. I can’t believe he would do something like that. He’s always been so good to us. He’s one of the only adults that we all liked to be around. I looked up to him and worked so hard to make him happy. I trusted him.

One of our teachers said today that coach was touching Jimmy’s private parts. What does that mean? Why didn’t Jimmy tell anyone this was happening? I am really confused, mom. How come we’ve never talked about this before? What if someone starts touching me? Who should I tell? Would you be mad at me? Jimmy stopped coming to school. Everyone stopped talking to him and some people are mad at him for telling on coach. Jimmy doesn’t deserve this. How come no one is talking about all of this?

Someone just told me that Mr. Shaw saw Jimmy being touched by coach one time. Why didn’t he stop him, dad? You and mom always tell me about how we should help other people.

How come no one helped Jimmy?

Talk to me…please. I need you to help me make sense of all of this.





  1. Thank you for this, Mr. J. It is heart stopping writing. As well as heart breaking.

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