Posted by: joshjasper | July 13, 2011

Transformative Justice

I am sitting in my hotel room in Kansas City getting ready to deliver a presentation on how to effectively use the media to deliver primary prevention campaigns and I am feeling truly inspired.  Mia Mingus was the keynote speaker today.  My heart was racing during her moving delivery of transformative justice.  I had my phone recording what she was saying and was scribbling notes like a mad man.

Mia is a queer physically disabled woman of color, Korean transracial and transnational adoptee writer, organizer and community caretaker.  She recognizes the urgency and barriers for oppressed communities to work together and build alliances for liberation.  She believes that love, care and kindness are political and, though her work for liberation changes an evolves, her roots remain firmly planted in ending sexual violence.

When she started talking about imagining what is possible, ENDING violence, and unifying communities, I wanted to go back to my hotel room, put on my Rage Against the Machine t-shirt, and wave my fist and march around.  She was talking about being a part of a revolution, and I was in…all the way.

Much of Mia’s work focuses on ending childhood sexual abuse.  One of the points that she made was that “child sex abuse is the building blocks of oppression and that it is the center of the wheel of violence.”   It is difficult to deny that truth.  When a child is sexually abused they are forever changed, and often times violence then becomes a regular part of their lives moving forward as either a victim or perpetrator.

And here’s what it’s all about according to Mia:  We must be willing to dream a new world, one that holds the possibility of transformation, healing and safety for all of us.  One that moves with the integrity and dignity that a system of violence robs us of.



  1. I hope that revolution of yours comes true one day, cause as a WOC, I see more of the bad than good.

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