Posted by: joshjasper | May 31, 2011

Resources Unite!

It seems like every day I am asked about a specific resource in our community. “Where can I go if I want to get counseling for my depression and don’t have a lot of money?” “I’m in between jobs right now, my car doesn’t run, and I’ve been sleeping on a friend’s couch. Where can I stay?” “I’m really worried about my neighbor’s kids. I think the parents might be abusing them. Who should I call?”

Sometimes I have answers to those questions, most often though, I do not. I end up calling people I’ve worked with within the community to get their opinion, resulting in them making a few calls as well. I’m never looking in the same place and it seems like the information about agency services often change. This shouldn’t be that hard. Can you imagine how daunting this process must be for the person actually looking for help?

There should be one centralized location in which all services can be found. I should be able to look for a specific service and find the exact type of person I am looking for. For example, if I’m looking for a counselor in my community, I should be afforded the opportunity to know a little bit about their background. Will they accept my insurance? What if I only want to work with a male counselor? Could I find who the male counselors are in our community?

Imagine if in that same place we could have a conversation about resources. I could share with our entire community the new group that Riverview Center is starting for teenage girls that are survivors of sexual abuse. Maybe other providers would see that and refer their clients to the group. And just maybe, a survivor would see this information, join the group, and even share her ideas about how to make this group a better experience for all.

This would be a place in which ideas would flow. Hunches would turn into ideas and ideas into resources. We would go to this place for the sole purpose of strengthening our community. People would easily find the help that they need and be able to help others in the process.

A website is currently being developed to address all of these very important needs. Please take a look around and let me know what you think. What are we missing? What would you like to see? Your Community. Your Resources. United.



  1. This is brilliant, Josh. We need to see this on a larger scale with non-profits uniting so that we alleviate this same issue on a state and national level, thereby minimizing our time, energy, and resources, and maximizing our productivity and effectiveness in dealing with this issue.

  2. Thanks, Hanna! Just wait until you see what the online forum of this website is going to look like. It’s going to be incredible.

  3. I can’t wait to see how our community responds to RU. The Community pages (Discussions, Blogs, Chat, Ideas) are going to be inspiring. Working in Dubuque for as long as I have now, I know it’s full of brilliant people with great ideas and greater dedication.

    Can’t wait.

  4. I’m there with you, Jon. It’s exciting right now! I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when others realize the potential of this website and how it will help so many. To have one place in which everyone can share their ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and resources is a paradigm shift, to say the least!

  5. Great entry Josh. It really brings the ideas behind ResourcesUnite alive. One of the aspects of this site that I look forward to the most is having folks who are receiving services throughout the community involved in the discussion. As a community, we need ideas from everyone. My current “hunch” is that some of the best ideas are out there–right now. Hopefully a site like this will allow everyone to have a voice.

  6. Josh, I love the concept of empowering our community and I look forward to working along side of you as you take off on this amazing endevor! My name is Alicia and I currently intern for Riverview Center and am looking to further my knowledge as I continue my field service. Im looking for an intern position , as my last field service before I graduate. Do you have a number that I can reach you personally? Thanks.

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