Posted by: joshjasper | May 11, 2011

Man Up! (or not)

I am so sick and tired of being told to “Man Up.” Why are so many people concerned about men losing their manhood? And why must I continually prove how manly I am? For example, Miller Lite has spent millions of dollars on their current advertising campaign geared toward challenging my masculinity and suggest that if I don’t drink their beer that I will become unattractive to women. Really?

I noticed a brochure today advertising a local event called the “Mantastic Guyathlon.” The last sentence in the description of the event states the following: “A perfect opportunity to participate in a weekend filled with pure competition and maybe even a chance to prove just how manly you really are.” Teams of 2 people participate in 4 “sports” in this event. The sports are as follows: golf, bowling, bean bags, and a softball home run derby. So to be clear, in order to “prove just how manly” I really am, I need to play a game of bean bags? What a joke.

Here’s the problem with all of this hypermasculine posing and posturing: In order for men to effectively “man up,” the definition of what it stereotypically means to be a man needs to be scrapped. Teaching young boys and men to be tough, aggressive, strong, protective, controlling, and powerful IS NOT WORKING. Additionally, we continue to portray men as ignorant Neanderthals, thinking only about sports, beer, and sex, which only furthers very negative stereotypes of men, and at times resulting in a self-fulfilling prophecy for some. We need to empower young men and boys to be much better…because they are.

BTW-will someone please tell Billy Bad-Ass below that we get it? He’s a tough guy, we’re all very scared. No is going to mess with him.


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