Posted by: joshjasper | February 27, 2011

Groundhog Day

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has proposed to cut funding for all 33 rape crisis centers in Illinois by 50% in FY12. This cut would destroy agencies. No question. Distributions to agencies would be equal to what was paid out in 1994. We would be going backwards nearly two decades. Additionally, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad is planning state cuts that will undoubtedly negatively impact services for sexual assault survivors.

Riverview Center provides FREE services for survivors of sexual and domestic abuse in both Illinois and Iowa. We rely on state funding to ensure that our services can remain free for ANYONE affected by these heinous crimes.

For the last 5 years at this time I have felt like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day, waking every morning in Punxsutawney only to realize the exact same outcome, day after day, year after year. Every single year I am informed of funding cuts, and every year we are forced to do more with less. We serve hundreds more in our counseling and advocacy each year and thousands more in our prevention programs. Employees are asked to work harder while being paid less. I am expected to reduce attrition while not increasing benefits. Schools beg us for our help to curb the violence in their classrooms. Communities in the surrounding area repeatedly ask to have our services expanded into their neighborhoods because of the need.

EVERYONE knows someone who has been raped, battered, and abused….EVERYONE. Violence against others is an epidemic. There are more survivors of violence than that of cancer. But yet, EVERY SINGLE year we are made less of a priority.

It’s time to wake from this nightmare. We have so much more work that needs to be done. I want a new tomorrow starting today.



  1. So do I Josh…

  2. Josh: do you support doing anything at all to counter the tidal wave of false accusations afflicting this country?

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