Posted by: joshjasper | February 10, 2011

Bloggers Unite!

I would like to address one point that has been made in the past few days by a number of bloggers throughout the planet. A number (hundreds upon hundreds) of comments have been made by individuals addressing the reality that men and boys are sexually and domestically abused at epidemic proportions. I agree. For example, 50% of the clients we serve in counseling and advocacy under the age of 18 at Riverview Center are boys. Additionally, there has been an outcry for more awareness of services provided to male survivors of sexual and domestic abuse, while empowering men and boys to come forward to receive said services.
Let’s work together and create this awareness for our service area and beyond. I would like to initiate a media campaign that addresses the aforementioned concerns. To begin, I want to create a new television commercial and I would like your input as to what this would look like. This commercial would be based in empowerment. I am not interested in feedback that is counterproductive, negative, or in any way an attack on another person.

I have a meeting scheduled with a production company in two weeks and I would like to pitch them this new campaign. I look forward to receiving any and all feedback that ensures male survivors of violence are aware of our services and feel empowered.



  1. Josh,
    I have spent about 3,000 hours and USD500K of my own money running my cases and writing a book about how men can free themselves from the tyranny of the guvments in the west. In The US brave men are creating grand juries and working to re-introduce the rule of law. The rule of law as expressed by common law courts are the way of the future if that future is going to lead to freedom.

    I have proven that the courts are nothing but corporations operating as weapons of tyranny. Now. If you actually want to make a difference, which I sincerely doubt, you can start reading here. You can watch my video of me court meeting and you can clearly see (or read in the annotated transcript) the magistrate commit the crime of impersonating a public officer.

    By the way. I am waiting on your response as to your resignation and your affidavit that you will never produce such hateful materials as the baby rapist add ever again. Should you be unwilling to do so I will put you on trial for slander and let the 12 men of the jury decide your fate.

  2. Hey – in all those 3,000 hours you spent, you should have spent just a few minutes learning proper english grammar and proof-reading techniques. Just a thought weirdo…

  3. Erich – English is a proper noun. Hypocrite.

  4. Look like you have a large budget. Does your funding depend on your stereotyping men as abusers and keeping female abusers hidden?

  5. Tim – Booya!

    Peter – you’re still a weirdo

  6. Josh, you can never be trusted after running the baby rapist ad, relentlessly defending it, and running an implicitly female supremacist agenda. But if you’re actually being genuine about running a commercial for male victims of abuse (and I’m skeptical), then I appreciate it.

    And Mr. Nolan is a bit of a weirdo, but that in no way invalidates his comments, Erich. By the way, when was the last you called a woman a weirdo? I’m guessing never. Yet you feminists will be the first to complain about “bitch” and “slut”. Pure hypocrisy.

  7. You fucking mangina faggot cunt. Typical fucking female supremacist mangina cunt, like all cunts goes running to the state at the drop of a hat. I hope your fucking wife dies of cunt cancer, because she is a cunt.

    You make a baby rapist ad, we keep an eye on you for life, you fucking piece of shit.

    Mangina faggots like you pushing your male hate are worse than all the rapists of the world put together.

    I fucking HATE YOU you pathetic mangina cunt.

    Grow some fucking balls you FAGGOT.

  8. The insults really are flying around here.

    Honestly, guys, let’s not take the feminist approach to arguments (i.e. shame X for [probably not, albeit in this case the actions did occur] doing Y). At best, it makes us look like children. At worst, it makes us look like feminists.

    Rationally construed conversation, by my experience, has a much better impact than throwing insults towards an individual for committing horrendous acts.

    Keep the emotions out, although it is BLATANTLY obvious why they are there (that one’s for you, Josh). Emotions seem to be driving the entire feminist industry right now, and we can all see how well that’s treating us men.


  9. Wouldn’t be surprising if the last comment was posted by Josh Jasper or one of his underlings, attempting to distort all the legitimate criticisms of him and his tactics into that nonsense. Another one to report to the newspapers, eh Josh?

  10. (I was referring to the comment above Cal’s, in case that isn’t clear.)

  11. […] at this very moment Jasper is back peddling, of sorts. He is now appealing for other bloggers to "Unite" in the name of the ignored male victims of sexual violence, and is seeking our input on producing a […]

  12. Oh my goodness. I am speechless. All these nasty words being said when Riverview and Josh have never done anything except reach out and offer help and hope to victims of sexual violence…male and female victims. I am one of the lives forever positively changed because Josh and his staff at Riverview cared enough to speak out and offer me services. I will always be grateful, and I will support the mission to end violence with my voice and with my money. Josh doesn’t need me or anyone else to defend him because doing the right thing speaks for itself…and standing up against violence of any kind on any person is the right thing to do!

  13. I am British, and feminist extremism is a woeful factor of contemporary life in my own nation. But the wickedness of this rape awareness film that unashamedly chooses to reach down to the level of the male infant is a tragic confirmation that something about our world has gone very wrong.

  14. Josh

    I’m still wondering if your funding will allow for a campaign that does not stereotype males as abusers while keeping female abusers hidden.

  15. Josh likely pees sitting down.

  16. @Josh

    I agree that men and women must unite against the rising evil in our society that is MISANDRY but it is absolutely clear that you are NOT the man to call for it. Have the good sense and maturity to recognize when you’ve made a mistake and that humility and contrition are the ONLY attitudes that will do.

    If you truly care about those who feel their lives have been changed by the work of the Center then you will consult with your film makers about producing a PUBLIC APOLOGY, both to the Center’s clients and men (and the women who love them) into whose lives that poisonous baby ad has been injected.

    Because this ad will continue to infect people long after this public disgrace it would be wise to denounce it while you have the people’s attention. That is, of course, if you want to salvage any part of the reputation at least one commenter in this thread feels you deserve.

    Josh, a public denouncement of the baby ad and an unreserved apology for perpetuating the lies and deceits that have led to MISANDRY is your one chance at avoiding damnation. I pray you take it.

  17. Maybe a nice ad about the growing problem of women (specifically teachers) having sex with teens (usually the student).

    That is an extremely ignored problem and you would do justice in making an ad about that. I certainly wouldnt be (as mad) at you if you did that as it would address a serious problem and it would then be considered equal (as you already had the “male baby rapist” video.)


  18. you all need to take a step back and take a breath. This AD was never meant to attack ANYONE it was just to get a POINT ACROSS! This Paul guy blew it way out of proportion and so are you all. You need to be truly ashamed. I’ve been to Riverview as a client and theres no doubt in my mind that the help i received has helped me.
    I have sympathy for those guys that have been falsely accused by a female. That doesn’t mean that ALL ladies that are going to counseling have falsely accused their boyfriend/guy/husband. But does that mean that you all need to blow this AD out of proportion? I dont see you all making rude comments about our president, or the Dorito’s commercials, or the Mini Darth Vader commercial, or any other commercials that you saw during the Superbowl. But it was one AD that made several guys come up and say “hey i need help because i was abused.” Or women come up and say “yes, i’ve been abused.” You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
    Riverview has been around to help anyone of any domestic violence and etc. And have helped them go from being the victim to becoming a survivor. I have been one. Without Riverview people would still be hurting and not knowing how to deal with their hurt, both male and female.
    Josh Jasper should be applauded for his work. For his continued support of Riverview. Same with the workers at Riverview. Your rude and vial comments will NOT bring any of them down. They are a strong fortress of people. Your rude comments wont bring ANY OF THEM DOWN!!! you can keep trying, but as you notice THEY GOT A LOT OF PEOPLE ON THEIR SIDE!!!!!!
    y’all need to grow up. Take your diapers off. Put big pants on.

  19. Coming from Sweden, I do not know anything about this organization, but the campaign with the little boy is just disgusting. Not even in feminist-Sweden they have come to this level (yet).

  20. I notice from your twitter comments that you’ve characterised all criticisms of you and your video as “misogynistic”, Josh. Is that the propagandist message you wish to convey to the newspapers and the general public in order to bring in more funds?

    But feminists have never been known for their integrity or honesty, have they? Then again, one doubts Josh is an actual believer in feminism. He’s more likely a ruthless, soulless profiteer.

  21. Josh is right!! All men are potential rapists and all boys, even cute baby ones, have the potential to become a rapist! We do need to change the way men are and boys are raised or we’ll just have another generation of batterers, harassers and rapists.

  22. Sandy

    Do you mean that we need to stop pretending that female child and domestic abusers don’t exist and aren’t the most active sort and therefore are socialising the most dysfunctional adults into society?

  23. @Sandy
    “Josh is right!! All men are potential rapists and all boys, even cute baby ones, have the potential….”

    Sandy unwittingly demonstrates why the modern women’s movement has evolved into something that will most assuredly be defined by most mainstream politicians, academics and by ordinary people of the future as something that allowed itself to become, unequivocally, one of history’s primary and saddest crimes against humanity.

    At the very beginning of this century the Archbishop of Buenos Aires warned that ‘feminism is a message of division, hatred and death.’

    The bizarre rhetoric of Sandy highlights the poignancy of his words. Very sad.

  24. I do find it odd that no one has bothered to honor Jasper’s request and provide suggestions for what they think should be included in a commercial highlighting male victims. It is fine to be angered by his previous ad or to want to defend it, but at some point people should take a step back and try to actually solve the problem rather than keep saying there is a problem, perhaps like this:

    In my experience, the best way to address male victimization is by first informing people about the rate of violence against males. A good example is this commercial by Little Warriors. Another example is this segment from a UK television show. Both provide information about the rate of violence against boys and men that most people do not know, and it is done in a way that may prompt people to want to find out more (the organization 1 in 6 has a great list of studies about sexual violence against boys, as does Jim Hopper, and the One In Three Campaign has a similar list about domestic violence against men).

    In terms of reaching out to male victims, I think it is important not to call them victims. Many abused males, particularly those abused by women, do not see themselves as having been victimized, so using that language might turn them off. I like the approach 1 in 6 uses as it is neutral enough not to turn off men and boys who do not consider what happened to them abuse while still acknowledging that what happened was unwanted and potentially harmful.

    Since most commercials are only thirty seconds long, I am not sure how in depth you can get in, so you may have to make a general statement about violence against males or pick one of the types of violence to focus on. Regardless of which you choose to do, I think it is important not to marginalize any type of violence against males. So if you focus on sexual violence, instead of saying “rapist” you may want to use something like “the men and women who rape” so as to include female abusers. If you focus on domestic violence you may want to do the same thing because some of the men abused in relationships are in gay relationships.

    What I think absolutely needs to be avoided is any feminist talking points. There should be nothing about women being the majority of victims or any claims about 95% of those who rape males are other men (which is untrue). If the goal is to reach out to male victims, that sort of thing does not help them.

    Should you produce the commercial, I hope you post a link to it on here so that people who do not live in Northern Illinois can see it.

  25. Some ethical thinking for those interested.

  26. Peter,

    It’s pretty clear to me that you were raised by an abusive father that didn’t teach you to respect women. I’m sure you are also single and no woman will have anything to do with you which is great because people like you have no business raising children.

  27. Sandy,

    You’ve just demonstrated the truth in Peter’s statement. He’s made an important observation about your comment, not about you personally. Rather than respond to that observation you’ve attacked him personally, which makes you an unsafe person to be around.

    Your response is foolish, presumptuous, insulting, shallow, self-righteous, narcissistic, condescending, dismissive and so predictable of the average woman that a return to mandatory father custody of children may be our only hope.

  28. What I would like to see, myself, is an equivilent ad decrying women who abuse, sexually, physically, and verbally men and boys. Use the same sharp message intoned in the previous commerical.

    The question is, are you willing to it?

    I’m not sure.

    You may have learned something from recent events, but it’s hard to believe.

    That is, if you can do the ad I mentioned alongside your first one.

    And Josh, speaking as someone who has been through some trauma from both sexes, you don’t help matters by calling the voices of protest misogynic. You or any of your supporters. Back on your Youtube page, those who rejected the ad have been seriously hurt by women or know someone personally who are in a miserable situation with a woman. I’d wager some were victims of abuse.

    Do their reactions sound familiar as an experienced counselor for victims of sexual and domestic abuse?

    They’re angry, hurt, and have been disbelived by majority of society. There’s no one to turn to for them. No government programs are available to assuage their damaged souls. They’ve been laughed at and told to “Man up” or “Get over it” by the ignorant, even from certain people in their daily life.

    What you have here are victims struggling for a voice that no one will grant them. You try speaking out, only to be told your abuse isn’t as serious as a female victim if you’re a man, that you benefit from patriarchal systems when all you want is some acknowledgement and support for getting raped/assaulted by a woman.

    This has been going on a long time and they’re simply tired of it. I don’t condone the more extreme element. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that there are decent people suffering under the weight of dispair. That’s what they’ve been trying to tell you and why they’ve been negatively affected by the first ad.

    To redeem yourself in their eyes would take an ad about female perpratrators and male victims without any of the typical bias and misleading statistics.

    These people are crying, Josh. Do you wipe their tears? Or send them away?

    The choice is yours.

  29. Josh needs to run ads that specifically denounce feminist lies about men. It would work well if these ads cited actual studies and statistics, and blew a few factoids out of the water.

    For example, the ever-popular “1-in 4” mantra. Or the Superbowl battering hoax. Or the feminist propaganda that men commit 95% of domestic violence. (Best information indicates that men and women are about equally guilty, with women actually edging out men within certain sub-categories.)

    It would also be nice if Josh were to tackle, head on, the feminist instigated and condoned societal plague of False Rape Accusation/Allegation against men.

    Ditto false accusation of sexual harassment, child abuse, etc, etc…..

    And I could go on.

    But, long story short. . Josh needs to get on the right side of the battle, politically speaking.

  30. Alphabeta Supe,

    We will never go back to the old patriarchal society where men could rape women and children with impunity as the “head of the household.”

    Your personal attacks and advocating for putting women back in the kitchen, bare-foot and pregnant says a lot about you and your hate movement.

    I’m not going to respond here anymore because I fear for my safety and that of my children should you “men’s rights activists” be able to figure out my location.

  31. Thank you, Sandy, for that textbook example of how false accusations materialise out of the empty space between a misandrists ears. This is EXACTLY the kind of irresponsible behaviour your baby ad promotes.

  32. Sandy, you are making a bloody fool of yourself. Intelligent people who visit this website are reading what you have written, shaking their heads sadly, and saying “my god, what an ignorant jackass!”. And then, they are giving a thumbs-up to the MRAs. Is that what you want?

    You are shooting yourself in the foot and making your side look very bad. Really, you are. Take advice; listen to other people; they often know exactly what they are talking about.

    Oh, and I think you should apologize to Alphabet Supe for those untrue things you said about him. Either that, or show us EXACTLY where he said the things that you say he said. That’s right, put your money where your mouth is!

    But I know you can’t do that, because he never said such things. So you will run away instead.

  33. It is the behavior of brainwashed, but inherently nasty people like Sandy, who choose as their currency of debate the plethora of hackneyed cliches that always accompany the offensive finger pointing which they aim at fictitious human beings which women like she invent for their own purpose, that will pave the way to the very real possibility of a future in which women will eventually be looked upon and treated throughout society with wary, scornful, contempt.

    History has repeatedly demonstrated that extremism always brings into being its own antithesis. In this context, ironically, and from the perspective of the long term, the only real misogynist amongst those who have commented here, to date, is Sandy.

  34. @Alphabeta Supe

    I’m not sure why you think a public apology and a retraction is needed to help Josh’s reputation. The ad has been nationally recognized and applauded by other agencies of its kind. There is far more positive feedback than negative feedback.

    The negative feedback is coming mostly from a group of terrified men who are perceiving misandry where this is none.

    Riverview Center’s clients are not demanding an apology. They are not offended by this ad.

  35. “I’m not sure why you think a public apology and a retraction is needed to help Josh’s reputation. The ad has been nationally recognized and applauded by other agencies of its kind. . .”

    I do not doubt that the ad has been recognized and applauded by agencies “of its kind”. That is what mutual admiration societies are for — to share the same bathwater over and over and over. . .

    And the sexual grievance industry, as plainly manifested in the present case, is no exception to such a generalization.

    So that is the crux of the biscuit. We need to hear from agencies “not of its kind”.

    Otherwise, it becomes incestuous.

  36. @Bill:

    “The negative feedback is coming mostly from a group of terrified men who are perceiving misandry where this is none.”

    I see you had the good sense to not call those “terrified” men misogynists. That is to your credit, I suppose . . .

    However, it would be of interest to know why you have characterized these men as terrified. Is it meant to discredit them without seeming to attack them, and to gain the high ground in that way..?

  37. I am horrified by all of the comments directed at Josh, and all of the other wonderful employees at the Riverview Center. I came into contact with this organization, when I was involved with a theatre production that they sponsored. I have found that they are caring people, there for a victim in the middle of the night, when we are all sleeping in our nice warm beds. They don’t look at punishing the offenders as their main cause, they are trying to change the way that we raise boys AND girls. As the mother of three sons, I have learned to allow my sons to freely express verbally how they feel, listening to them, and helping them deal with their issue. “Be a man” doesn’t exist in my household. If you feel the need to verbally bash him, perhaps considering the way that you were raised, may explain it. Try not to do the same with your own children. We can only learn from our parent’s mistakes. Just because that “is the way that it is always done”, does not mean that is the best way.

  38. @ Bill
    You seem like a reasonable chap, so I’ll keep it simple.

    The ad has been nationally recognized and applauded by other agencies of its kind.

    This signifies only that misandristic institutions hold hands and sing songs together.

    There is far more positive feedback than negative feedback.

    This proves only that your range of reading material is limited.

    The negative feedback is coming mostly from a group of terrified men…

    “terrified”? There is no terror here, nor in the men’s rights movement, nor in the hearts of self-respecting men on the street. Fear, perhaps. Fear of the evil consequences of misandry, but no terror. There is no terror in righteousness.

    …men who are perceiving misandry where this is none.

    Jasper’s ad demonizes masculinity. This is called Misandry. Pray first, then watch it again.

    Riverview Center’s clients are not demanding an apology. They are not offended by this ad.

    How Riverview Center’s clients feel about the ad is of minimal relevance to the fight against cultural Misandry. The ad was a mistake. No amount of shaming language will change that.

  39. @Lynda:

    “I have found that they are caring people, there for a victim in the middle of the night, when we are all sleeping in our nice warm beds. “

    Bloody tosh!

    Don’t try to change the subject.

    There was no excuse for that despicable advertisement.

    Full stop.

    Say what you will, but this Riverview center seems to be an organization which enables feminist ideology.

    And that demands an explanation.

  40. I’m not changing the subject, I am just commenting on the hate-filled words that are being sent to a compassionate-filled organization.

  41. These men are just angry because agencies like Riverview are preventing them from beating women. Be careful Lynda, they have ways of tracking people online and it’s pretty clear that they are looking for someone else to harass and batter that they can brainwash into not going to anyone for help.

  42. “I’m not changing the subject, I am just commenting on the hate-filled words that are being sent to a compassionate-filled organization.”

    All right, my bad!

    You are not changing the subject. You are avoiding the subject. That is a bit different, I suppose. 😉

    By the way, your “compassion-filled” organization is politically insensitive to a degree that sends a hate-filled message whether this is intended or not.

    And. . . hate was answered with hate, as you might logically expect.

    But don’t be confused if the organization seems “compassion-filled” and yet at the same time transmits hate on a different channel to a different group of people. This is not really confusing at all. In fact, it is very common and easy to explain. It is called being two-faced.

    People and organizations do this all the time.

  43. Oh, and do ignore the sandytroll! 😉

  44. @Lynda

    You weren’t ‘just commenting’ either. You shifted the focus away from the message to the messenger. Not only this, you attempted to shame and condemn him in the process. Softening your language doesn’t change your intent.

    Let’s look at some of your earlier statements more closely:

    “They [Riverview Center] don’t look at punishing the offenders as their main cause, they are trying to change the way that we raise boys AND girls.”

    Jasper’s ad has nothing to say about changing girls. It presumes, as every other misandrist in the DV sector does, that all violence begins and ends with males. It ignores females completely except to imply that they are totally incapable of committing or precipitating violence or, in fact, of taking responsibility for their own behaviour. Perpetuating this well-documented fallacy treats women like children and only makes them behave more like them – like our friend Sandy here. The ad is both misandristic and misogynistic.

    “I have learned to allow my sons to freely express verbally how they feel, listening to them, and helping them deal with their issue.”

    This is laudable mothering, but helping boys deal with their issues is teaching them to be better adults, not better men. We ought to be relieved for your sons that “Be a man” doesn’t exist in your shaming phrasebook, but if you’re also teaching them that they shouldn’t object to an ad that demonizes masculinity, you’re teaching them that it’s better to ‘Be a woman’, which is twice as bad.

    Further, manhood is not just about dealing with ‘their’ issues – it’s also about protecting themselves and the people they love from the consequences of ‘other people’s’ issues. It is about embracing primacy and marshalling their righteous masculine power. Righteous men are angry at misandry and express it through voluble indignation at its enablers. They’re as healthy as it’s possible for men to be. They make the world a better place, not the milk-and-cookies hearth-warmers.

    If you feel the need to verbally bash him…

    Sadly, verbal bashing is often the only way to alert the docile cattle herds that characterize the general public to the deadly danger in which cultural misandry places them. They simply won’t hear it above the sound of their collective cud-chewing otherwise.

    …perhaps considering the way that you were raised, may explain it.

    This statement reveals much about you. It is classic feminist projection. Neither you nor anyone else who doesn’t know Fidelbogen’s parents intimately is in a position to question how he was raised. This particularly loveless projection lies deep in the heart of cultural misaanthropy, and is more accurately described as self-righteous condemnation. It’s another solid example of the bad behaviour Jasper’s baby ad encourages.

    The only acceptable comment about how anyone who cares enough to speak out against evil was raised, is one that expresses gratitude. If children were willing to risk being trampled in order to alert the blindly stampeding herd so that they turn away from a fast-approaching precipice, it’s a testament to a higher degree of parental success than that which merely teaches how to ‘deal with their issue’

    Cultural misandry is driving us all to the precipice, this much is certain. Therefore, it will serve you better, Lynda, and you, Josh, and everyone else who’s reading this to focus on the more important issue facing our boys and girls – how to stop society from careening blindly into the moral vacuum of gender apartheid.

  45. I so appreciate your kind words Sandy. This will be my last comment on this board, because talking to a brick wall, well, is talking to a brick wall. Instead, I will make my charitable donations this year, to Riverview Center. I will let everyone know in my business and personal life to donate to them. More money will lead to more informative ads, which is great all around. So, have at each other, I’m sure that Josh can handle any words you throw at him. I have met him, and found him to be a very capable man who will not wilt because of hate filled words. So long, and remember to make your donations to RIVERVIEW CENTER.

  46. Actually Lynda I’m not the sexist, misandrist idiot that I was pretending to be and my name is not Sandy. I was saying some pretty hate-filled and obnoxious stuff to see if they would delete my comments or if other man-hating ideologues would agree with me.

    Nothing I said had any substance to it and I went out of my way to be as extreme and obnoxious as possible using typical shaming language, hyperbole and ad hominem attacks to counter the intelligent people that try to silence me with logic, reason and compassion.

    “All men are potential rapists and all boys, even cute baby ones, have the potential to become a rapist!”

    Seriously?! Who agrees with crap like that?

  47. @”Sandy”:

    I vaguely felt that there was something “unbelievable” about you. Now I see why.


    About that “brick wall”: I hear ya! I know that feeling very well indeed! Anyway, now you can go hang out with “Sandy” and enjoy her ‘kind words’, I reckon! 😉

    @Alphabet Supe:

    It seems like you thought that Lynda’s remarks were directed at me. But as I read over the thread, I cannot see where Lynda was talking about me at all.

  48. @Lynda

    “More money will lead to more informative ads, which is great all around.”

    Actually, more ‘information’, more ‘thought’, more ‘sensitivity’ and more ‘sense’ will lead to more informative ads. More money will just lead to more ads.

    This will be my last comment on this board, because talking to a brick wall, well, is talking to a brick wall.

    The ‘brick wall’ is also known as ‘resistance’, with a big sign on it that says MISANDRY STOPS HERE. On the other side is a sign that says THANK GOD FOR THE COURAGE OF RiGHTEOUS MEN.

    Instead, I will make my charitable donations this year, to Riverview Center.

    As will I – a check is in the mail to help with those ‘more informative’ ads. If innocent boys or men are cast once more into the breach, be prepared for Hurricane Adam.


    Yes, there is reasonable doubt. HT to you.


    Please substitute “a man’s” where I referred to Fidelbogen by name in my previous comment.

  49. To those who are still defending the message of this ad: he could have still got it across, while still remaining gender-neutral. Something that gets the message across to better raise our sons (and daughters) to be respectable and productive members of society, while not offending any group of people.

    Instead, he chose to only focus on an innocent male baby, a crime that is perceived as something only men do to women (rape), and linked masculine traits to the aforementioned crime. Then there’s the claim that men are inherently flawed, and we must redefine ourselves, which is just insulting.

    This either shows malice intent on his part, or gross incompetence for failing to see how this can be easily perceived as misandric.

  50. […] at this very moment Jasper is back peddling, of sorts. He is now appealing for other bloggers to "Unite" in the name of the ignored male victims of sexual violence, and is seeking our input on producing a […]

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