Posted by: joshjasper | December 30, 2010


I learned more today on my day off before lunch was over than I have in a very long time.  My education didn’t come from a good book, a newspaper article, a Facebook post or even a Tweet.  No, my brain was put to work through a couple of meetings I had with individuals in our community; individuals I am privileged to call friends.  I was reminded today that the real learning comes from the interaction of people, hearing their stories, ideas, and dreams, while allowing myself to do the same.

Sipping on my super charged espresso drink in Cafe Mana Java, I found myself feeling more connected to the community than I have in a while.  I intentionally arrived early to my morning meeting so that I could roam around downtown, ride the elevator in the Roshek building to explore the new renovations, all while letting my mind wander into new places with the hope that new ideas would soon follow.

The conversations both in the morning and during the lunch meeting focused primarily on our community.  We talked a lot about reality; a reality that is too often glossed over and forgotten by many.  We also talked about change, and how we think that change could possibly be realized.  And although we didn’t walk away with any action plan or even next steps, I feel that I gained a lot.

I was reminded today that I do my best work away from my laptop, not answering the 73rd e-mail of the day, but meeting with people.   At the very core of it all, we all want the same things, but we can’t do it alone.  I want to end violence, Tim wants people’s stories to be told, and Jon wants to unite the resources of our community.

The more that we are willing to share our ideas with others, the more likely those ideas will turn into reality.

Take a look at Steven Johnson’s clip about where good ideas come from:




  1. This post got me thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2011. I want to meet new people. With that said, if you read this post or my blog in general and we’ve never actually met or haven’t gotten together in awhile, let’s do lunch/coffee soon.

    I want to hear about your stories, ideas, and dreams.

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