Posted by: joshjasper | December 21, 2010

Violence is Learned

In nearly all of my presentations I ask the audience to take one point that I make home with them.  And here it is: Violence is a learned behavior….Period.  People are not genetically predisposed to be violent.  You are not born to be a rapist.  You are not born to beat up your wife, and you certainly are not born to abuse your children.  You absolutely, without a doubt, learn this behavior.  So the real question is how do we unlearn this behavior?  Because as we all know, we have examples of violence shoved down our throats in every way imaginable.  (television, music, news, at home, cartoons, from friends, in school, movies, the internet, magazines, religion, etc., etc.)

And with all of that said, I remain optimistic.  If I weren’t, I certainly wouldn’t meet with convicted rapists and batterers every three months in Freeport, IL as a part of a victim impact panel if I didn’t believe we could turn the tide.  And to be honest, it’s not that hard to do.

Our new billboard campaign says it all.  To realize Riverview Center’s vision of a community free of violence we have to start respecting one another; treating each other as equals.  That doesn’t seem that hard does it?  It’s not.  We can’t do it alone though.  22 employees and 65 volunteers could not possibly end violence without the help of EVERY SINGLE community member.


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