Posted by: joshjasper | November 8, 2010

Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen reportedly earns 1.3 million dollars per episode on the hit show Two and a Half Men, making him the highest paid actor on television.  17.3 million viewers tuned in for the show immediately following the incident in which Sheen reportedly assaulted his wife with a knife in Colorado and threatened to kill her, making it the highest viewed episode to date.

Most recently, Charlie was arrested in a New York hotel after destroying his room and allegedly threatening a woman.  The woman reportedly locked herself in the bathroom of the hotel, fearing for her life, while Charlie exposed himself to hotel employees.  His ex-wife, Denise Richards, recently shared with the media that she regularly feared for her life when married to this man.

I want to be angry with Charlie Sheen about his behavior toward women and the example he is setting not only for his children, but for the MILLIONS of children in our country, but it’s just not that simple.  If you want to look at the real problem, we need to look in the mirror.  We made this monster.

To begin, we must seriously question the criminal justice system when a man like this that has a history of violence and is charged with threatening to kill his wife is merely sentenced to rehab.  Charlie Sheen must be held accountable for his actions before he is going to change them.  This type of behavior will only escalate until someone is killed.  Speaking of accountability, how about the 17.3 million people who purposefully watched the show directly after Charlie assaulted his wife.  These millions upon millions of people sent Charlie a message regarding his recent behavior, and that is, “we support you.”  Imagine if no one would have watched.  I have to think Charlie and the folks over at CBS would be thinking differently.

And finally, what about CBS?  What role do they play in all of this?  At what point does his behavior tarnish the image of this company?  Making him the wealthiest actor in Hollywood is not going to encourage Charlie to change.  And even more disappointing is the fact that the show is titled Two and a Half Men for the purpose of illustrating men’s stereotypical behavior and the lead role is being played by a man that is historically abusive towards women.

Once again, one man is screwing it up for so many.


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