Posted by: joshjasper | October 12, 2010

Semper Fidelis

To date, the state of Illinois owes Riverview Center $40,000 for the services we provide for survivors of sexual and domestic abuse.  I was informed today that we should not expect a payment until January of next year.  At that rate, Illinois will soon owe us more than $100,000.

For the past 18 years we have been serving those in need throughout the tri-state area free of charge.  We believe no one should be denied services that have been assaulted.  Our programs have grown every year, reaching nearly 50,000 people in our prevention, counseling, advocacy, and 24 hour hotline services.  Last month, Riverview began providing domestic violence services because we believe this is best practice.  Just a couple of weeks ago we were awarded $450,000 from the federal government to partner with Hills and Dales to provide services to people with disabilities that have been sexually assaulted.

In short, we know what we are doing, and we do it very well.  But yet at any given opportunity our state funding is at risk when money gets tight. And here’s the deal, I know exactly why this happens every single year.  We are on the chopping block year after year not because we are ineffective but because we are not a priority. How pathetic.

Rape crisis and domestic violence centers are beginning to close their doors this month indefinitely and individuals that have the ability to make this stop (legislators) are doing seemingly nothing to prevent this injustice from unfolding across the state.  The simple truth is that no one will vote to restore funding at this time due to impending elections.  I am willing to guess that once our state elections have passed and legislators are back in session in January, we will begin to receive some of our funding.  For many agencies though, that will be too late.  Shame on you.

But here’s the deal, Riverview Center will not close.  In fact, we will continue to grow, and we will prosper.  We will continue to participate in strategic planning, assessing our fundraising efforts, recruiting more community members, and diversifying our funding.

I will help make this happen not only to ensure the services for those in need are intact, but we will also do so to ensure that we continue to be a daily reminder to our naysayers that we will not be put down, forgotten about, or eliminated.  Your continued lack of support will only fuel our passion and motivate us for further greatness.

Semper Fidelis.



  1. Go get’em, Josh. I will Tweet this to help you get some satisfaction.

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