Posted by: joshjasper | October 4, 2010


I attended a meeting in Springfield Illinois with all of the Executive Directors of rape crisis centers throughout the state the other day.  The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the epic crisis that Illinois is in concerning the state budget.  To date, a 15 billion dollar deficit exists, resulting in agencies throughout the state not being paid for their services.  Hundreds of thousands of survivors of sexual abuse are at risk.

During this meeting I sat next to a woman who has been working as an advocate for more than 25 years within her agency.  She was a part of starting the agency, and sadly, she may now be a part of closing their doors for good.  I was stunned to hear her report that she hadn’t been paid since August because the state owes her agency 4 months worth of reimbursements.   As her eyes welled with tears she remained steadfast with her devotion to the mission of her organization.  No one was going to tell her that services for those in need would go away.

On the way home from Springfield that day I began thinking about that woman’s dedication to her work.  Over the span of her career she has undoubtedly seen hard times before.  My guess is that through all of it though she has learned the importance of staying true to what was most important.  I would guess that she knows that she has overcome great odds largely because of her sheer determination and dedication.  I bet she realized long ago that her commitment to her work is an inspiration for others and that through her example, mountains have in fact moved.

Is there anything you believe in so much that you would sacrifice everything for?  When you find that core belief, embrace it, and never look back.  Never give in.  Never stop believing.



  1. I am speechless after reading about this woman’s dedication to survivors. It is because of her and people like her that we are alive and surviving. It is because of her that we heal and are able to go on to give back to the community. It is because of her and people like her that we have hope and a future.

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