Posted by: joshjasper | March 18, 2010

Impact Award

Thank you to the Dubuque community for recognizing Riverview Center as the organization in 2010 that has made the most impact on our community.  On behalf of everyone at Riverview, we are very appreciative of this recognition.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the award ceremony at the Diamond Jo that evening due to being in California, but my absence allowed the community to see firsthand the impact we have made.

Knowing that I wasn’t going to make it back in time for the ceremony, I asked someone who has received our counseling services to accept the award for Riverview.  I was confident that she would do an amazing job representing our agency.  She is a survivor of sexual abuse and has experienced her share of pain during her life.  She is an extraordinary woman who is now helping others get the help they need.

I had an opportunity to chat with this woman today about the ceremony and about how she was nervous about taking the stage.  She shared with me that she felt honored to be asked to accept the award on our behalf.   It turns out that her acceptance speech had an impact on many, but specifically one person in the audience.  After accepting the award, a person approached her and thanked her for sharing her story.  The person in the crowd disclosed that she too had been sexually abused but had never sought out services.  She shared that she felt empowered by her presentation and was reminded that she in fact is not alone in her experience.  The woman who accepted the award encouraged her to seek out services at Riverview, detailing the impact that they have had on her life.



  1. As one of the Riverview staff members in attendance at the Impact Awards, I have to say that even more powerful than her words, was the client’s ability to walk out on stage and stand tall, looking right out into the packed audience and receive the applause she deserved for having that courage.

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