Posted by: joshjasper | March 9, 2010

Big Ben

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a Georgia nightclub this past week.  Ben was also accused of raping a woman in 2008 at a Lake Tahoe hotel and casino in Nevada.  Rather than speculating about Ben’s guilt of these two very serious charges, I’ve been thinking more about some of his reported behaviors prior to the most recent alleged assault.

According to a couple of bouncers within the Georgia nightclub and a few club patrons, Ben and his friends insisted that while they we were in the VIP lounge, all other men should stay away from the area.  Let me get this straight Ben, as a two-time Super Bowl Champion, do you feel the need to mandate that any man who is not with you stay away from you for fear that they may gain the attention of the women you and your friends are targeting?  Surely I must be mistaken. 

Additionally, it was reported that Mr. Roethlisberger sent a number of his teammates into the bar to let attractive women know that they could join Ben in the VIP lounge for free drinks all night.  Why the free drinks Ben?  What exactly are you hoping to accomplish by providing free alcohol to women that may be enamoured by your societal status?

These types of behaviors are troublesome for so many reasons.  First, stop behaving like you are above the law.  I’m so tired of professional athletes, politicians, and other influential figures assuming that they play by their own set of rules.  To be fair though, it is all of us “common folk” that are to blame for this.  We must begin holding these people accountable for their actions, and stop letting them do whatever they want. 

It should also be noted that a woman cannot give consent to engage in sexual activity if they are intoxicated.  This is called rape.  This is a serious offense.  Please tell me that you are not in a place in which you feel it necessary to lower the inhibitions of another person through the use of alcohol with the hope of “getting laid.” 

These behaviors, if true, are reprehensible.  Sadly though, they are all too common, and are played out everyday on our college campuses, and in our communities throughout our country.



  1. Ben Roethlisberger has no respect for women or boundaries. He clearly has no self-respect. I can’t imagine how his mother must feel. And yet, there will be many who will cheer for him again if he helps his team win. If he gets them to another Super Bowl, the women in Las Vegas and Georgia will be distant memories. “Big Ben” is not the first not will he be the last athlete to whom we give a pass. Remember Kobe Bryan’s case that was finally settled out of court? Remember the number of times that O.J. Simpson abused women and had it swept under the rug before he finally committed the ultimate abuse? O.J. told his lie so many times, he believed it. I wonder if Ben will be able to do that. “Big Ben” reminded us that he was not charged with a crime. Why would he remind us of that? Nothing he did on any level was acceptable. He has shown no remorse. His only action of uncertainly seems to be his concern for how it all might play out in terms of his football career. Why do we cheer for and admire people like that? Does his skill give him certain rights that the rest of society doesn’t have? We, as a society, have to make some tough decisions about who we want as our role models. Do you want your daughter dating a ” Big Ben” type of man? Do you want your sister marrying a “Big Ben” type of man? Would you want to grow up and find out your dad was a “Big Ben” type of man? If you find yourself answering no to the last 3 questions, write Josh Jasper an e-mail and find out how you can get involved in helping to end this kind of violence.

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