Posted by: joshjasper | February 15, 2010


Shopping at Wal-Mart can literally bring me to my knees.  Every time I shop there I vow never to return.  There is just too much going on there at any given time.  My brain gets overloaded under the florescent lights, resulting in feelings of nauseousness and dizziness.

I was approaching the finish line (check out stands) and quickly found myself surrounded by magazines.  They were everywhere…People, US, O, the National Enquirer, Shape, Life & Style, and so on and so on.   (take a look at the photo I snapped while I was tried to regain my equilibrium)  And to no surprise, the same tired old messaging was taking place on nearly every cover.  As I stood there noticing the scantily dressed women, I had to wonder what my son was thinking of all of this imagery.  Then I got to wondering about what young girls and women think about when they see these images day after day, after day.  Again, it really is the same stuff everywhere you look.  Women in bikinis, women caught on the beach in a revealing position, women draped over men, and women sharing their beauty secrets.  In short, the message is that women are objects to look at; nothing more.

Young girls and women are being damaged daily by this imagery.  Imagine being a young girl who is constantly bombarded with the same images everywhere they look.  Make no mistake, they are learning something from all of this and it most definitely negatively affects their self-esteem and how they define relationships in their own lives.  Young women must be taught that what they are seeing is not reality.  Women and girls must be told that they are much more than just a pretty face.  And as men, we must be a part of that empowering process.


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