Posted by: joshjasper | January 28, 2010

Dear Shane,

Dear Mr. Shane Oswald,

You are being charged with sexual exploitation by a school employee, distribution of a controlled substance to a minor, and providing alcohol to someone younger than 21.  More specifically, it is reported that you had your first sexual encounter with a student while your wife was in the hospital.  As this inappropriate relationship evolved, you let the student enter your home through a basement window on a number of occasions to once again take advantage of the unequal power you held in this “relationship.”   Each of these charges are significant and warrant punishment if found guilty.  Do us all a favor and stop this charade about your bipolar disorder and your recent attempt of suicide, hoping to distract the public from your alleged crimes.  We know better.

While working as a therapist for a number of years, I typically had 8-10 individuals on my caseload at any given time that were diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  Throughout their treatment, clients experienced both manic and depressive episodes often.  Much of the treatment plan focused on medication management and behavior modification.  I never once worked with someone that reported such ongoing, deliberate behavior.  From what I understand, your inappropriate relationship with this student spanned a number of years.  Are we to believe that each and every encounter you had with this underage student coincided at the very same moment in which you experienced a shift in your mood?  Frankly, I feel like you are hiding behind a disorder that sadly affects thousands.  And by doing so, you are minimizing their experiences.

If I were a gambling man, I would bet that what actually took place in your mind had little to do with your brain chemistry, but rather had much to do with you realizing that the gig was up.  You found out that her mother had made a report to the authorities and you got scared.  And with that fear, you decided to run.  Maybe while sitting in the Miami airport you realized that fleeing the country was not the best strategy.  You reasoned that it would be better to “willingly” return home and face the charges…not before checking yourself into Mercy’s psychiatric unit of course.

Unfortunately, my current position provides me with a great deal of insight on the topic of suicide.  I know that if I were to go to Mercy Hospital and report wanting to kill myself, and detail the way in which I am going to carry this out, I would be hospitalized.  And then maybe I would be diagnosed with a mood disorder such as major depression, bipolar disorder, or a generalized anxiety disorder.

When the time comes Shane, do us all a favor and tell the truth.  You must know we have seen this story played out thousands upon thousands of times.  Confess to the fact that you took advantage of your position in school to have sex with a student.  Confess that you knew it was inappropriate to be giving alcohol and drugs to someone under the age of 21.  You knew that by giving a freshman student your personal cell phone number and providing her counsel, that you were merely making an attempt to gain her trust; grooming her for later exploitation.


Josh M. Jasper


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