Posted by: joshjasper | January 25, 2010

1,000 friends…and counting

At 2:30pm today, Riverview Center officially had 1,000 friends!  Okay, these friends are on our Facebook page but that still counts right?   Now if I can just figure out how to stop having people send my “mystery eggs,” or invite me to a “barn raising,” or ask me to join them in a rousing game of “Mafia Wars.”  Enough already.  I think it’s fair to assume that Riverview Center, the place that envisions a community free of violence, is not going to spend a lot of time in the land of “Mafia Wars!”

I’ve shared how Riverview’s Facebook page has helped people in the past and how it continues to serve as a bridge to our services as our friend list grows.  It’s obvious that this social networking site that has more than 321 million members has succeeded in connecting long-lost friends, classmates, and others, but it also opens up a whole world of information that, when in the wrong hands, is quite harmful.  The never-ending  examples of young women being lured through Facebook by men that want nothing more than sex is frightening.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for everyone knowing as much as possible about Riverview Center, our services, and how our friends can  help.  Talking about rape crisis center services and talking about your every detail during the day is quite different though.  The unfortunate reality is that there are many people on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and other sites solely for the purpose to hurt others.  With that said, be mindful of what you post for everyone to see.  Does anyone really need to know that you had a rough day AND that you are heading to the bar to drink until you pass out?  I assure you that there are some people who read that and immediately wonder how they can take advantage of that knowledge.

Also, be mindful that of those 321 million friends out there, quite a few of them are either your current employer or potentially your future employer.  I was in a meeting recently where we were discussing the hiring an individual for a company and the first question was whether they had a Facebook page or not.  Coming from someone in a management position, it is NOT in your best interest for your boss to see pictures of you doing shots of alcohol or read about how much you hate your job.

Be smart out there.  Your “friends” are watching.



  1. All I want to do on Facebook is keep up with friends and relatives to see how they are getting along with life. Every time I go to someone’s FB page their pages are just inundated with Farmville, Fish, Parks, Mafias, I sent you this gift, now send one back et al ad nauseum. Not all of us want to play these games, so …why can’t FB find a way to keep us from having to see this crap? They can redo their pages to include this. All I want to do is keep up with friends, and see how they are doing, not wade through the FB incited drivil! FACEBOOK, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  2. Keeping up with friends and finding old marine pals !!!

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