Posted by: joshjasper | January 10, 2010

Light It Up!

On November 17th, 2007 at 8:00am everything went black, and stayed so until 3 days ago.  Two and half years later we elected to light it all up once again.  Judging how the last 72 hours have gone, I think we made a mistake.

We once again have cable television.  I’m sure Dish Network was more than happy to have us back.  I’m just not so sure that I’m happy to have them back.  Even with the most basic package we have more than 300 channels.  I am surprised to see what has changed over the years.  Isaac got a hold of the remote the other day and the next thing I know live television was paused.  It took me a few minutes of pushing a number of colorful buttons to get back to “live tv.”

So what has caught my attention now that I am back in the loop of cable television?  Violence.  Were you surprised?

I can’t get over how much violence is found, and how it is completely normalized.  Everything from the 4 channels that continuously run episodes of Law and Order to the countless cartoon channels where SpongeBob  resolves most situations with violence.  I also feel obligated to point out how ridiculous the messaging has become about what a “real man” is that is found in every nook and cranny of television.  I caught about 2 minutes of a show called “Ax Men” on the History Channel before I could take no more.  “Think your mornings are rough?  The Ax Men head to the woods before the crack of dawn.  These guys are real men.”  Funny…I don’t feel any more manly getting up first thing in the morning to fill my wood burner or to spend my weekends cutting wood.  I guess I’m not giving myself enough credit!  It is also no coincidence that during shows like this the commercials are the hyper masculine ads from Axe (you know, the body spray that drives women crazy) or from Ford showcasing “real men” being “Ford Tough.”

Moderation will be the key term regarding our viewing from here on out…I hope.



  1. Josh, If you didn’t have that wonderful toddler Issac, would you really care about the violence portrayed on T.v. I ask this because It seems when you become a parent your eyes become opened to the things around you that can have a negative impact on your child because you dont them exposed to things they are not ready to understand and/or process. Just a thought. In watching Sponge Bob cartoons, some of the humor is for adults and not children, My son stated” Mommy they are kissing alot everytime I watch ICarley, which is a popular show on Nickolodeon and he’s 9. I’m not really ready to explain to him about the birds and the bees, but I’m forced due to what he’s viewed. So, I really have to monitor his T.V watching. T.V is just not the same anymore. When I was a kid , it was safe and you didn’t have to block all the damn channels. I still have to explain why our Black Labrador Charlie B. Barkin constantly humps the hell out of his leg. lol abd he’s been neutered.

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