Posted by: joshjasper | December 2, 2009

Believe Me

I had a great meeting today with the editor of the Galena Gazette.   I was offered the opportunity to write a monthly column on behalf of Riverview Center for their paper.  I am very excited about the opportunity to further share the work that we do as an organization, and shed some light on the issue of gender violence, and the prevention thereof.  During the meeting I could tell that the editor could see how deeply I believed in our work.  This observation got me thinking about the power of believing. 

I started thinking about the President of the United States, the priests that have served in the churches I have attended, and of the drill instructors I had when I was in the Marine Corps.  All of these individuals deeply believed in something or someone, and they were able to convey that belief to others in a way in which many people followed suit.  President Obama was elected for many reasons, but my vote was casted for him because he made me believe in the change he wants for the country.  Millions of people congregate every Sunday to their respective church to profess their faith, and to also have their beliefs be reinforced by their priest.  To this day I believe the Marine Corps is the most noble and courageous branch of the military.  Young men and women sacrifice their lives everyday for those deeply entrenched beliefs.  I would have done the same.

Have you ever been around someone who believed in something so deeply that you could see it in their eyes?  I have.  I see it everyday in the mirror and when I meet with other members of the Riverview Center.  It is inspiring to be around someone who has such a deep belief.   My belief system not only serves a driving force in my work, but also saves me from the times in which I find myself questioning my self and others.  Sexual violence will be eliminated one day because others believe as we do.

“All big things in this world are done by people who are naive and have an idea that is obviously impossible.” 

-Dr. Frank Richards


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