Posted by: joshjasper | December 1, 2009

What’s on Your Mind?…facebook

I read a letter today from the guy that created Facebook.  Did you know that Facebook now has more than 350 million users?  Did you also know that Riverview Center has a Facebook page and that we currently have 904 friends?  I am a big advocate of Facebook and don’t even have a personal account.  I maintain Riverview’s page and have found this social networking site to be an amazing asset to our organization.

Since I started our Facebook page we have had more than a dozen people disclose that they had been sexually abused.  Most of those individuals that shared their abuse to Riverview Center on Facebook had never before shared their story.  Some of those people then ended up connecting to our counseling and advocacy services after their disclosures.  Can you believe that?  A website in which most of the 350 million users are sharing what they had for breakfast and how excited they are for the weekend to be coming is actually responsible for getting people connected to our live saving services. 

Aside from connecting people to our services, Facebook has also proven to be incredibly helpful in getting people involved in our work.  As I have mentioned before, 16 employees and 50 volunteers cannot possibly realize a community free of sexual violence without the support of the entire community.  Surprisingly, Facebook is helping us connect to the community in ways never before imagined.  For example, last week we sent out an annual appeal to our community.  3,500 letters were sent out.  A couple of posts on our Facebook page about the project and the need for help, turned into a handful of people responding immediately with times and days that they could help. 

Lastly, Facebook has helped us tell our story.  Many people know about the work that we do, but few truly grasp the day-to-day inner workings of our agency.  I have found that an occasional post on Facebook about an experience a violence prevention educator had in the classroom or an experience an advocate had with a client in the emergency room really helps illustrate the work that we do in the community.

Add Riverview Center to your friend list.  If we already are a friend of yours, ask your other friends to join Riverview Center’s page.  By doing such a small thing you may help someone who is in desperate need of our services.



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