Posted by: joshjasper | October 29, 2009

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Dear Governor Culver,

This week I received three phone calls that I feel necessary to share with you.  My week began with a phone call from one of our Dubuque therapists who called to share an incident with a client whom she has been working with for over a year.  This woman came into treatment as a rape survivor and had been struggling with intense nightmares that greatly disturbed her sleep.  The therapist informed me that at the end of her last session with this woman, she was given a heart filled thank you for the support she was given and the session ended by the woman stating that she “can finally sleep now.” 

The second call came in the middle of the week, directly after a fundraising meeting.  As people were leaving the office, I received a call from a woman in crisis.  I could immediately hear the desperation in her voice.  She shared with me her history of being sexually abused and how she found herself filled with anxiety and had thoughts of killing herself.  The phone call ended with a safety plan in place, and a referral to one of our therapists.

The last phone call I received that I thought was worth sharing with you was from the Iowa Attorney General’s Office.  I was informed that we would be losing 10% of our Iowa budget due to funding cuts throughout the state. 


Josh M. Jasper


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