Posted by: joshjasper | August 9, 2009

Planning For The Future

Governor Quinn decided to reinstate 80% of the funding that was slashed this past year!  This decision allows rape crisis centers and domestic violence shelters to serve the thousands in need throughout the state.  Although disappointed that we were the first to be eliminated in the original budget, I am incredibly thankful for the change of heart.

I remember writing about the original funding cut that took place and being mindful of the opportunities that exist when such tragedies strike.  Now that money is heading our way, one of those opportunities has made itself apparent.  This recent funding scare is one of  many that we have faced over the years.  Knowing that support for rape crisis centers can be in jeopardy at any given time, we must ensure that we are not solely dependent on a specific funding source….which is easier said than done!

One of the goals that we have at Riverview Center is to secure additional grants for our organization for the items that we currently pay for with our fundraising efforts.  (marketing, prevention supplies, office supplies, etc.)   Our hope is that with additional grant monies, we can invest the money donated from our community to ensure sustainability for the organization.  It is our responsibility to plan for the future so that our services are never compromised by individuals that have priorities that are different from ours and the community.

Thank you again Governor Quinn and the legislators from Illinois that came through when we needed you most, and taught us all a very important lesson in the process.


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