Posted by: joshjasper | August 3, 2009

Here’s To You Coach

It has really been an exciting time within our violence prevention efforts at the Riverview Center.  The END-IT group (Endorsing Non Violence Daily-In Totality) has really made some significant strides as of late.  To begin, this is a group of community members gathered to participate in violence prevention strategies….that in itself is very cool.  This group has been working for quite some time on the delivery of a specific program geared toward coaches in our community.

The Coaching Boys Into Men program is a pretty simple concept.  The program recognizes the great potential that coaches have to be role models for young boys.  Our hope is to educate and empower coaches to make a difference in the lives of their athletes.

My brother Tom is a high school coach.  I have often witnessed the way in which his student athletes look to him for answers…answers to things that are often not related to the playing field.  Tom recognizes the responsibility he has to be a role model and takes advantage of this position by instilling qualities in his team such as integrity, courage, and strength.  The Coaching Boys Into Men program effectively begins the process of redefining what it means to be a young boy or man that does not involve degrading or abusing girls and women.

Although I get the official word tomorrow, it looks as if 2 middle schools in our community are willing to pilot the Coaching Boys Into Men program beginning this fall.  What’s even more exciting about this program is that we have decided to add a mentoring element for the coaches.  Each coach will be assigned to a member of the END-IT group that will act as a support system should the coach need additional resources or information throughout the season.

And here’s the real icing on th cake….we are going to create a Coaching Girls Into Women element as well.  As we know, girls are often violent toward one another and that form of violence must be addressed.  More importantly though, this program will focus on empowering girls to be strong, confident, assertive young women.  Much of the program will center around the fact that girls and women are not objects and should not be treated as such.



  1. As the father of two young boys (and a former coach from years back), all I can say is — great work, once again! These are excellent, amazingly forward-thinking programs.

  2. Thanks Mike. You certainly can appreciate both as a father and a coach the SIGNIFICANT role you play in the lives of your children and others in your community.

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