Posted by: joshjasper | July 30, 2009

Check Point

This summer is proving to be very exciting for Riverview’s violence prevention efforts to say the least.  Christina (prevention educator for Carroll County) is now providing presentations on healthy relationships, role modeling, sexual violence, and other topics related to creating a community free of violence to individuals incarcerated in the county jail.  Talk about a “captive” audience!

Seriously though, what better audience to talk about changing behaviors and attitudes.  We must do away with the mindset that once you are a criminal, you are always a criminal.  This is just not so.  The fact is that each of these men and women are going to be released eventually.  Why not try to educate and equip them with as much knowledge and tools to be successful later in life?

Christina’s presence has already created an atmosphere for the men in the audience to explore their thoughts and beliefs, and examine how these beliefs have been a contributing factor to their current incarceration.

Our prevention efforts are moving beyond education, and are now moving into the realm of creating space for people to gain insight into their own behaviors.  This is definitely a significant marker along the path toward a violence free community.


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