Posted by: joshjasper | July 29, 2009

No you didn’t!

The Maqouketa Valley School District Superintendent Doug Tuetken has taken the issue of threatening behavior to yet another level yesterday afternoon.  As was mentioned in a previous post titled “Joy and Pain,” this particular school district in our community has been the epicenter of school violence, betrayal, and administrative cover up for quite some time.

I was informed yesterday that the Superintendent was observed driving by our employee’s home at approximately 2:35pm.  This is the same employee of Riverview Center that has helped raise awareness of the ongoing concerns within this school district, and has received dozens of disclosures from students and parents concerning risky behavior in the school involving teachers and students.  Keep in mind that this Riverview Center employee does not even live within this school district.  More importantly, the Superintendent did not drive by the house once or even twice, but drove by her house 3 times over the span of 3o minutes.

Rest assured Mr. Tuetken, if your intention was to send a message, your message has been received.  Please know that because we are a system of advocacy, and that each employee of Riverview is an agent of change, our response will involve education, empowerment, and most importantly, the community at large.

UPDATE:  The Dyersville Commercial printed an article today about the recent school board meeting.  You can find the article at:



  1. You’ve been writing a series of amazing entries the past few weeks, Josh. Keep it up!

    Also — what in the world is going ON with people lately? The MV stuff is just nuts.

  2. Thanks Mike. My hope is that with the more people that follow along with our work, the more change that we as a “community” can realize.

    And yeah, it is nuts.

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