Posted by: joshjasper | July 8, 2009

Playing Full Out

Yesterday every employee of Riverview Center spent the afternoon with Scott Theisen at the Body and Soul Wellness Center & Spa in Dubuque.  (  The objective was to tap into our fullest potential to bring forth a new way of thinking and acting in order to activate in an even greater capacity to fulfill our mission.  The first part of the afternoon was spent sharing the challenges, difficulties, and pain that each of us experience in this work.  The personal stories that were told were moving to say the least.  After sharing, we did a number of visualization exercises and meditation to guide us in the process of truly visualizing what each of us would like Riverview Center to eventually realize.

This was an amazing experience.

What I saw was not just a community free of sexual violence, but an entire new way of thinking for our community.  I could see the space that we created that was free of judgment, open to all.  Community members (men and women) frequented this space to openly share their true selves.  People gave of themselves having no reservations or fear of being different or being judged.  Riverview Center managed to create a space that broke down the defenses, the egos, and everything else that keeps each of us from truly experiencing one another for who we are as a person.  This openness got to the heart of what we see as the problem now.  Women, men, and children were able to let go of the negative messaging and learned behavior that so often influences how we interact with each other.

We created a community that “played full out”….meaning giving all of our energy, our passion, and our best stuff in each moment.  It means sharing our gifts and talents we have with as much joy, love, and enthusiasm as we can express.  No longer were people on the sidelines, watching the game unfold before them.  Everyone was on the playing field, in the work, giving every last ounce of effort to truly make change.



  1. Life changing experiences~ Growing and stretching our perceptions of ourselves and those around us is never easy but necessary for forward motion. At Riverview Center one can observe an agency consistantly moving forward. And as a result of this, communities are embracing that change is ineventable and allowing Riverview to help foster POSITIVE life changing experiences.

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