Posted by: joshjasper | May 13, 2009

7 Interviews

When a child is sexually assaulted  in Jo Daviess County, a forensic interview is done by a child advocacy center.  (Tyler’s Justice Center)  The purpose of the forensic interview is to reduce the trauma that the child may experience by having to be reinterviewed by a number of different agencies.  One interview takes place by someone highly skilled in the interviewing process.

Once an interview is scheduled, our legal advocate is notified so that she can be present to provide support for the child and the family and begin connecting the child to our advocacy and counseling services.

The other day our advocate was scheduled for 7 interviews in one day! Keep in mind of course that Jo Daviess County (Child Advocacy Center service area) is quite rural.  The population  for the entire county is just over 22,000 people.

It’s hard for people to hear that such abuse takes place in the first place, but then to realize that it occurs at such an incredible rate is astonishing even for me.  Thankfully the service exists for these children, and that they are able to be immediately connected to the services they so desperately need.


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