Posted by: joshjasper | May 11, 2009


I have been thinking a lot lately about how Riverview Center can brand our violence prevention efforts into the community.  We have proven to be successful in getting the word out into the community as to who we are and what we do and now we must effectively enlist the help of the community to realize our vision of a community free of sexual violence.

The first step of this process is to tie all of our media efforts together with a central theme.  In order for our community to truly grasp what must take place, they need to hear it on the radio, see it on the television, read it on the internet, and drive past it on a billboard.  I had a couple of great meetings today that provided me with incredible insight as to how to go about achieving this task.

Our branding message is going to be EDUCATE-EMPOWER-END.  These 3 words say it all.  We must EDUCATE our community not only about the problem that lies before us concerning violence against women, but also on what exactly each of us can do everyday to prevent future violence.  Through this effective education, we will have EMPOWERED the community to move to action (prevention strategies taught through education).  These first 2 steps of will result in our vision; ENDing sexual violence.  EDUCATE-EMPOWER-END.

Let’s use this message in a real life scenario and see how it plays out.  One of the educational pieces of violence prevention has to do with challenging sexism.  Imagine if you will a foursome of men on the golf course standing at the tee box at hole #1 when one of the guys tells a sexist joke.  We all have been in a situation similar to this before.  Now imagine if you will, one of the guys in the foursome sharing with the other 3 after the joke was told his feelings of discomfort about the joke, and how the the women in the story could be anyone of their daughters, mothers, sisters.

In one simple scenario, a person was educated about the harmful consequences of sexist behavior, was empowered to challenge the sexism taking place, resulting in the jokes ending.

If we are going to seriously talk about ending violence in our community, we need a plan; and that plan begins with a message.



  1. I think it is perfect!

  2. Thanks Tabethe. I too think it is right on, and I think we have a chance to use it statewide.

  3. I agree with Tab, I think it is perfect and sums up what we all do everyday so concisely!

  4. Thanks Dawn-I am hopeful that we can send a powerful message to our community.

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