Posted by: joshjasper | May 8, 2009

What do you think?

Next week starts the process of creating a new commercial(s) for the Riverview Center.  The concept for the new commercial is to engage the entire community in violence prevention, or what is referred to as the Bystander Approach.  The role of the bystander is simple in that everyone is either an active or passive bystander…you either do something or do nothing to end violence.  Sadly, most people (including myself at times) do nothing.

I envision a series of commercials being produced that would play out a variety of different scenarios that viewers would watch a situation unfold in which “bystanders” can intervene in a productive, safe way.  For example, one commercial would have a child playing a violent video game or watching professional wrestling and a parent would later be seen talking with the child about how those images are not real and how that exposure can influence the way we see our reality.

Any thoughts on other scenarios?  There are so many possibilities.  I want to make sure though that the situations are “real world” and would connect to most people’s lives.

The other piece of this commercial campaign is to create a branding message.  Something like Nike’s “Just Do It.”  This could be a message that would tie all commercials together and reiterate the importance of getting involved in violence prevention.  I am at a loss for what this message would be at this point.




  1. What about just the word “together”? As in together we can end violence, together we decide what will not be tolerated, it also shows that we(rape crisis centers) are not the only ones who prevent violence. just a thought.

  2. I like it Tabethe. “Together” we will realize our vision.

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