Posted by: joshjasper | May 1, 2009


Last night I met Chrissy Hogue and Jody McGill for dinner at 180 Main in Dubuque to discuss Riverview’s client waiting list.  As an update, we have 19 people on a waiting list, waiting to get counseling services.  We are currently averaging 1 person calling each day requesting counseling services.

A call came in the other day from a woman stating she had been sexually assaulted years ago and has made the decision to get help now.  Our Associate Director talked at length with her about her needs and had to inform the woman that we currently have a waiting list but that we would get her services as soon as we possibly can.  At that point, the caller began crying, stating that it had taken her so long to gather the courage to make the call, and how hard it is to hear that she must wait to be seen.  Can you even imagine the heartbreak that took place in that phone call?

Chrissy and Jody are the first to agree that we as a community must act immediately to ensure services to all and proposed last night that they produce the Broadway show “Chicago” in Dubuque to help raise funds for this new therapist.  And so it begins.  Add Chrissy and Jody to the list of individuals in our community that have stepped up and said what we all know to be true; “this is unacceptable.”  (Paula from Hardin Phelps, Leah and E.J. from L. May Eatery, Sarah and Matt from the Star Brewery, Pastor Weber out in Manchester, Fred from Fried Green Tomatoes, Chris from Y105, the Mt. Carroll City Council, etc., etc.)

There is no doubt that our work is hard and that we are challenged every single day to improve the lives of so many while working toward complete prevention of violence.   I must say though, my energy and passion is restored when I can recognize the impact that we are making while meeting with so many people that want to change the world.


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