Posted by: joshjasper | April 11, 2009

This Is How WE Do It

To begin, Happy Easter to everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  I must say, my motivation is fueled when I notice more people are logging on to see what is going on in the world of violence prevention via this blog.  Thanks again.  My Easter weekend began this morning by taking my son to his first Easter egg hunt.  He did a great job in the midst of a sea of other other children all vying to grab all 30,000 eggs.   I said hello to Chris Farber from Y105 on my way in, knowing that his efforts and others from the station will undoubtedly ensure a successful event.  They are incredibly supportive of Riverview’s efforts and I am thankful for their commitment.

As we patiently waited for hunt to begin, I was fortunate to have a nice conversation with Brian Cooper (Editor of the Telegraph Herald).  He reminded me that the article I submitted for the paper would be in tomorrow’s edition.  This article is a partnership between the newspaper and the E.N.D.-I.T. group. (Endorsing Non Violence Daily-In Totality….community group focused on violence prevention) We will be submitting monthly Op-Ed articles focusing on violence and the prevention thereof.  How cool is that?

When you talk about true violence prevention, and I talk about it a lot, the real prevention takes shape when the entire community becomes involved and invested in the work.  When I was presenting to Sioux Falls, SD a few weeks back for example, I reiterated the importance of community relationships in this work.  One person or even one agency cannot succeed in such an enormous endeavor.  The last time I looked, the TH had 35,000 people reading the newspaper on Sunday mornings…..35,000!  Rests assured, the Riverview Center does not have that kind of reach through our newsletter mailing list.  (I wish)  So, not only has the Telegraph Herald graciously agreed to partner with our group but they actually “get it.”  They support this educational effort because THEY want to, because they believe in the work.

As we were leaving the hunt with our basket full of eggs and tootsie rolls galore, I looked back to find Brian Cooper from the TH and Chris Farber from Y105 enjoying their day in the sun, both of which who may never know how many lives they have saved through the support of our efforts.  Rest assured though, I know, and I am grateful.


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