Posted by: joshjasper | February 14, 2009

A Valentine’s Day gift for everyone

Today and today only you can take your sweetheart to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to buy her a pair of diamond earrings and with that special purchase, you get a free gun.  The owner of the store was quoted as saying “guys like guns and girls like diamonds so I figured to mesh the two together this year.”  Seriously.

I really don’t even know where to begin when I see something like this.  This reminds me of the documentary “Bowling for Columbine” in which Michael Moore came across a bank doing the same promotion in which when you opened up a checking account you received a free rifle.  With all of the violence inflicted against others with the use of a gun, haven’t we made it just a little too easy for people to obtain a firearm?  You would think that if a person wanted to obtain a gun fast and potentially illegally, they would simply need to buy some earrings or open up a checking account.  Now without inciting the age old argument about gun control, I do feel obliged to share my experience with guns while in the Marine Corps.  My job in the Marines was that of a machinegunner.  In short, I had access to a variety of different weapons including shotguns, pistols, rifles, grenade launchers, and heavy duty machine guns.  One thing I learned through all of my weapon training was that weapons are incredibly dangerous and can be life threatening for the user even when specially trained for the use of a particular gun.  Time and time again my peers would be harmed by a gun going off accidentally, “cooking off”, hurt during weapon cleaning, hit by ricochet, etc.

It’s safe to assume that most people that take advantage of the “free gun with earrings” special today probably have not had any type of weapon safety training.  And how exactly does that gift exchange look like anyway?  I can see it now….the couple is sitting at a nice restaurant having just finished dinner and the gift exchange occurs when the woman becomes excited when the earrings are opened and she puts them on and models them for her husband.  At that point the man opens up the wrapped box concealing a pistol.  He of course puts in his hand, aims it around the restaurant to test the sights, and the weight of the gun in his hand.

Check please!!


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