Posted by: joshjasper | February 10, 2009

Always Faithful

It has been more than a month since my last post and I must say it has weighed heavy on mind that I haven’t had the opportunity to write down all that has taken place.  Most importantly, the Riverview train is steaming forward and all pistons are firing.  Our 24 hour hotline has experienced a significant increase in calls from individuals in our community that have needed someone to listen.  Thankfully, we were there for every one of those calls.  Our therapists and advocates in all offices have had the privilege to meet new people that have reached out for a helping hand.  Young boys and girls, elderly women, and men have come through our doors as of late with the strength and courage to ask for help, and that need has been met.  Our prevention educators are in more schools, colleges, community groups, and businesses than ever before.  Community members have learned about violence prevention skills while being afforded the opportunity share their experience of violence themselves.

The need has been so great that we are in the process of gathering donations to hire an additional therapist in our Dubuque office.  I am confident that this goal will be met….it must be.  It has been incredible to witness individual community members come forward to help in our work.  Chris and Aaron from Y105, Judy from Big Apple Bagels, Paula from Hardin Phelps clothing store, Lea from L.May Eatery, Laura from the Market House in Galena, the guy in Hy-Vee that asked me what he as a man could to help prevent future violence, the students from Clarke College that took the time and effort to look inward and examine their beliefs and attitudes, the list goes on and on.

Watching as the community begins to unite, one by one, takes me back to when I was in the Marine Corps, standing in formation with my fire team of 4, supporting our  platoon of 40, within our company of hundreds, and members of  the battalion of thousands.  We were strong as a team but grew stronger as others joined our effort.

Semper Fidelis


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