Posted by: joshjasper | January 1, 2009

Hitting the ground running in 2009

I am very excited about 2009 and what it holds for Riverview Center and the people we serve.  I believe big things are going to happen this year and it will all significantly benefit those we serve and significantly reduce the violence we experience in our communities.

To begin, I am incorporating one of my new year’s resolutions with Riverview Center’s work.  I have decided to lace up the running shoes again and get back in shape so that on my birthday (October 11th), I will be running the Chicago Marathon.  I logged my first run in today.  (1.5 miles) I think I am going to use this blog to track my progress in training and hopefully motivate others to join me in this run in October.  I have run a few marathons over the years, most recently the San Francisco marathon back in 2005.  It’s been awhile, but I am up to the challenge.

Imagine if you will, hundreds of people coming together all over the country to run the Chicago Marathon.  Keep in mind 45,000 runners participate in this great race every year.  What I am envisioning though is hundreds of runners from all over the country training together and remotely, and then coming together in Chicago to run 26 miles with “Team Riverview.”  Imagine the potential awareness that we could raise by engaging people in the work of violence prevention through their own fitness.

I fondly remember waking up every morning when I was in the Marine Corps to run with my platoon and how running with my peers served as such great motivation.  There were morning in southern Maryland where we would find ourselves deep in the woods running trails that seemed to never end.  There were also those morning runs in the Mojave Desert that we would run, racing to finish before the punishing heat would become too much to endure.  Through all of that, I remember how running with others served as motivation but also as a fuel for the passion I had about my work in the Marine Corps.

Fast forward this to present day and now imagine how exciting it will be to know that our training and our run in Chicago is not only for ourselves but also for the 18 million women that have been raped in the United States…knowing we are running for something so much more than the satisfaction of crossing a finish line in Chicago.

Stay tuned for more details about “Team Riverview” and how YOU can join.


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