Posted by: joshjasper | December 12, 2008

I almost lost my job today…all before lunch!

Have you ever had one of those euphoric feelings where everything appears crystal clear; that even the most significant problems you have are remedied with the simplest of solutions?  I must admit, I often experience this feeling when I have added an extra shot to my espresso drink at Starbucks, but the feeling I have this morning did not originate from some ice blended drink.  No, what I feel this morning is due to the passion I have for my work,  and having that passion collide with an incredible accomplishment.

Last night marked the moment in which people everywhere were able to view the video that I mentioned in a previous post: 

In 12 short hours from unleashing this production to the masses, the results have been truly incredible.  They include:

1.  A teacher from a local school was so inspired by the video that she went on to pass it along to every teacher in her district and suggested that the district create a fundraiser for Riverview Center to help in our prevention efforts.

2.  A woman called this morning requesting services due to being assaulted.  She stated: “the video made me feel like I wasn’t alone, that what I experienced was not my fault.”

3.  A man from the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault called to applaud our efforts and to encourage us to share this viral marketing strategy with the entire country.

4.  The local newspaper is going to include our video on their website.

5.  The director of the Date Safe Project in Greenfield WI e-mailed saying that our video is now on their website in their “favorites” section.  AND, they have posted a video response to our video found at:

6.  An author from North Carolina e-mailed stating that our video is now on his Facebook page.

7.  A guy I never met said he saw the video and it made him think about the role he has as a man in the work of violence prevention.

8.  A City Council member forwarded the video to all of his contacts.

In 12 short hours a rape crisis center of 15 employees managed to send a powerful message reaching both the west and east coast.  If 1 video sent out can inspire so many, imagine the change that could take place if every person that saw that video actually participated in the fight to end violence against women and children.


I wouldn’t have a job.



  1. Nice work, Josh! You and your co-workers are doing an awesome thing. Hope the video and the other media work you’re doing keep spreading the word and getting people the help they need. I’m proud of you, man!

  2. Thanks Mike, I really appreciate the kind words. We really are striving for something great, and this past week has been a whirlwind of awareness for survivors of sexual violence through our new video and the series that the media printed and aired.


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