Posted by: joshjasper | December 11, 2008


This past April Riverview Center invited Jackson Katz to Dubuque to provide a training to our community about men’s violence against women and how men can effectively prevent future violence.  After the training we held a fundraising dinner with Jackson being the keynote speaker.  One of the persons that attended this dinner was Fred Bonnet.  Fred is the owner of the restaurant Fried Green Tomatoes in Galena.  Fred has been a supporter of Riverview for a number of years.  After the dinner Fred shared with me how inspired he was from the event and that he personally wanted to host a golf outing for Riverview Center in May 2009.  Because of Fred’s dedication, we are now planning a golf outing in May with Fried Green Tomatoes and it looks as if we may have Martin Sheen as a celebrity to participate in the event.  We hope to raise $10,000 from this event so that we can hire a part time therapist because our counseling services have been overwhelmed. 

I received a call last night from Fred to discuss the outing and he also informed me that he is donating a time share that he owns to Riverview Center.  I of course was elated to hear that we could use his time share as an auction item this year at a fundraising event.  To my surprise though, Fred was actually donating the ownership of the time share so that Riverview Center now owns this property forever!

I don’t think it has quite set in that one person has been so inspired by our work.  He will most definitely impact thousands through his generosity.  We currently have a waiting list for women and children to be seen by our therapists in Dubuque.  Fred’s donations have put us within an arm’s reach of realizing our goal of hiring that person to serve those in need.

So the next time you are looking for a great place to eat and want to support someone that cares so much for his community, please stop by Fried Green Tomatoes and tell him Riverview sent you.

On behalf of everyone at Riverview, thank you Fred.


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