Posted by: joshjasper | December 8, 2008

Do you see what I see?

Why?  Why would someone inflict so much pain on another human being?  Thank God the 17 year old boy in Northern California escaped his captors and the people responsible for these heinous acts have been arrested.  3 adults (one of which a Girl Scout Leader) tortured, burned, shackled, beat, and abused this young man while chaining him in the basement and having him sleep in the fireplace.

The Girl Scout Leader’s MySpace bio reads:

About me: 30 yr. old mom of 4 beautiful kids … 9, …. 4, …. 2 and …. who just turned one…….Happily married to a man who I love to death. He is my best friend and a wonderful father to our 4 kids and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world.


We live in Northern California where I am a stay at homemom and my husband is a Contractor. We have a typical life I guess-our oldest daughter is involved with Girl Scouts and is our Ballerina in training.  My boys just kick back and wait there turn to do something fun. We have a dog named BUBBA and no white picket fence but our neighbor has one. LOL!!!!!!

Favorite TV shows: Six Feet Under, Family Plots, Nip/Tuck and Dexter. Anything that’s gruesome. I’m weird I guess.

“I’m weird I guess”?  I look into this woman’s eyes and I wonder “why”?  Why would anyone cause so much pain to anyone?  What happened?

This case reminded me of when I worked at the many group homes for boys and girls in Los Angeles.  Many of these children had been horribly abused and had been bounced around the foster care system their entire lives.  For a number of years I worked for the Florence Crittenton Center.  This residential treatment facility  housed teenage girls and their babies.  As can be imagined, much of the work by the residential staff was simply maintaining behavior from day to day.  My job as the director was to ensure that not only were the needs of the clients met, but also that the direct staff were providing the services appropriately.  Of the 3 years I worked there, the most difficult job was not working with the girls but rather was working with the staff that had grown apathetic, jaded, and even mean in some instances.

There was a particular girl at one time that consistently acted out and required constant supervision.  Staff members had grown angry toward her behavior.  One evening I sat the staff down and I shared with the intimate details as to why this young girl was housed with us.  I went on to share that from the ages 8 t0 13 she was regularly tied to a tree in her backyard and left for dead by her biological mother.  Her father she never met.  The abuse that this young girl had endured was more than most people could stomach.  Before reaching our agency, she had lived in 8 different group homes, 4 of which were found guilty of abusing her both physically and sexually. 

I also remember looking into the young girl’s eyes that challenged authority every night, thinking that although I may never understand what she had experienced, I certainly can understand how her behavior now was a mask for the scars that run deeper than most will ever know.  I hope the young man from Northern California is able to find a home with family members that will care for him and that the cycle of abuse that he has endured for so long can finally come to a close.


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