Posted by: joshjasper | December 2, 2008


As mentioned before, I teach a class at Clarke College titled “Violence in Society.”  Tomorrow is the last day of the class.  During the past few days I have been afforded the opportunity to read a 5-7 page paper that each of the students wrote about how to effectively reduce sexual violence on the college campus.  Knowing that 25% of all young women in the local colleges will be raped before they graduate served as the motivation for this exercise. 

With red pen in hand, I feverishly graded each paper while making countless notes for myself in a separate notebook.  These notes included the many fantastic ideas that the students proposed so that I could potentially implement some in the prevention efforts of the Riverview Center.  To say that these papers inspired me would be a significant understatement. 

Teaching this class has been an incredibly rewarding experience.  I often found myself in the roles of student and teacher throughout the semester due to each student’s contributions, observations, and reflections.  I remember being the social work student that was chomping at the bit during my studies, wanting to be released out into the world to make my mark; to begin changing the world as we know it.  Each of these students have that same desire and it was truly inspiring.  Their motivation has been a great reminder of why I do the work that I do and how I became so passionate about my work.

A sincere thank you goes out to each student for your thoughtful work.  I look forward to working side by side with you as we strive for a better tomorrow.



  1. Josh-
    What a great opportunity to pick the minds of a group of people at one time! I would love to hear what they came up with in regards to college sexual assaults, the best ideas come from the source- way to go! And remember passion can be contagious!

  2. Tabethe,

    There were a lot of great ideas and I look forward to sharing them with you.


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