Posted by: joshjasper | November 26, 2008

The power of ONE

One of our Prevention Educators shared with my yesterday an incredible experience.  First though, a Prevention Educator is a person responsible for providing a variety of different violence prevention programs to our community.  Programs include, but are not limited to, body safety, healthy relationships, sexual harassment in the workplace, Internet safety, date rape drugs, and bullying prevention.  Our educators reached more than 31,000 community members last year with these age appropriate, free programs.

She shared with me that during a presentation to the Rotary Club yesterday many members had questions about our services, the prevalence of violence, and how they could help.  The club was so moved by the presentation that a $100 donation was given and the member responsible for grant writing offered to write a grant for Riverview Center in the amount of $2,000 to support our services in Carroll County!

Now imagine if this group of 40 Rotarians each told ONE person about Riverview Center or about what that person could do to prevent future violence against women and children.  When people wonder about how I can possibly believe that our vision of a community free of violence will be realized, it is examples like this that only strengthens my case. 

Working against a crime that is the most under reported in the nation (90% of rape victims do not report), it is important that we not only create a community of non violence but also a community of safety; the safety to share with others the violence that they have experienced without fear of being judged or not believed. 

This same educator recently provided 2 presentations in a school setting that resulted in 4 children disclosing being victims of a sexual assault…4 people sharing the most traumatic experience in their young lives with a total stranger.  Again, creating a community of safety is really as simple as being a caring, non-judgemental, active listener.


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