Posted by: joshjasper | November 25, 2008

Prevention in the home and at “The Office”

This morning I heard a commercial on the radio that has been running for the last couple of weeks.  While everyone is gearing up for the Thanksgiving holiday, wondering how to survive extra portions of turkey on both sides of the family, “The Office” is celebrating their 1 year anniversary in Dubuque.  The Office is sharing this occasionn with the community by offering a 50% discount to AARP members (retired folks), adding new employees during this time of economic hardship, and staying open until 4am to accomodate those that may work late or have plans with family into the evening hours. 

The Office is Dubuque’s only strip club.

I refuse to call it a “gentleman’s club” as the advertisement claims, because there is nothing “gentlemen” about this place.  Calling a strip club a gentleman’s club only acts as a distraction from what is really taking place. 

What takes place at The Office is so much more than simply drinking a few beers with your buddies while throwing money at naked women.  How could it possibly be that simple?  Each person that pays the $10 cover charge while bring their OWN BEER to this place is deeply affected.  Am I the only one that thinks it is absolutely crazy to allow anyone the opportunity to bring as much beer into a place as they see fit and watch women take their clothes off for money and then drive home?  What a paying customer is receiving at the The Office is the opportunity to objectify women and create unrealistic expectations of women in their own lives.  Objectifying women encourages men to think of women as unequal and inferior, and when people are viewed as unequal, violence almost always follows. 

A recent study of strippers concluded that 100% of the women in the study were physically assaulted in the clubs that they were employed, with a prevalence ranging from 3-15 times over the course of their involvement in stripping.  Violence in strip clubs is so prevalent in fact that Texas recently passed legislature mandating all strip clubs to collect $5 per person to be given to local rape crisis centers due to the correlation of strip clubs and sexual violence.

So rather than letting that one friend talk the group into heading to the strip club over the holidays, have the strength to decline, knowing that your absence may empower others to do what most know is right….that is true prevention.



  1. Josh,

    We need to get these in the TH. We have individuals talking about politics, reviews of events etc.. It is time to have the community hear your voice. It is profound, educational and thought producing. If the TH won’t do it let’s get it into the 365 paper. If they won’t do it let’s get into the julien’s journal…..


  2. Jim,

    I completely agree. I know if more people know about our work, more people will participate in the work of prevention.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


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