Posted by: joshjasper | November 24, 2008

Prevention is in the air

As mentioned in my last post, we just completed a commercial involving many community members, focusing on violence prevention.  It feels like right now things are looking up in the world of prevention.  I recently attended a couple of meetings that reminded me that we are not alone in the fight to end violence against women and children. 

Every Child Every Promise (local organization) held a meeting the other day to discuss how we as a community can develop a master youth plan that will address the “5 Promises” for the children in our community.  I ended up working in a small group within that meeting called “Safe Places.”  We had a dozen or so people in the group and everyone was on the same page.  As I sat at the table listening to everyone, it occurred to me that so many others want the same thing that we at Riverview work for everyday.  It really is just about developing a sound game plan that incorporates the use of the entire community. 

Shortly after this meeting I was fortunate enough to meet with the Chief of Police in Dubuque to discuss violence prevention.  I found myself once again in a meeting with like minded people.  It was clear that the Chief and the other officers within the department are all striving for the same goal of a community free of violence but struggling with how to institutionalize such an effort. 

It really does feel like there are so many people in our community (friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.) that want the same thing that Riverview strives for everyday but just does not know how to achieve a goal that at first glance seems daunting.  The real excitement then comes when people realize that the ability to realize violence prevention is most definitely attainable through simple things such as respecting others, role modeling, and challenging the norm. 

And lastly, 23 aspiring social workers will be submitting their prevention papers in class today.  Students were asked to submit a 5-7 page proposal on how to effectively reduce sexual violence on the college campus.  I eagerly look forward to reading through the ideas and anticipate taking many of those ideas and implementing them within our community.

Breath it in deep…..prevention is in the air.


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