Posted by: joshjasper | November 21, 2008

Today was a good day

Nearly 50 people came together today to help realize Riverview Center’s vision of a community free of sexual violence.  We produced a commercial/video today with the purpose of empowering community members to help Riverview END sexual violence.  It was truly incredible to see so many people willing to give their time for an effort so very important. 

The video is projected to be done editing within a couple of weeks.  It is going to be a 5 minute video and also a shortened version to use on cable television as a commercial.  I am confident that after people watch the video they will feel compelled to do something…anything.  Because too often it feels like it is only 15 employees and a dedicated group of volunteers that are responsible for providing services to those affected by sexual violence and to also prevent future violence throughout the tri-state area. 

When we do realize our vision of a community free of sexual violence, it will be at the very moment in which the entire community takes ownership of this public health issue, banding together to say “no more.”  I mean, it really is that simple.  We cannot tolerate this violence to continue and the steps to prevention are as simple as role modeling.  To simply be a person that believes in equality of the sexes, refuses to support the objectification of women, and to be an active bystander when violence does take place, we will find that the road to non violence is actually quite easy to navigate.

Thank you to all that participated in this important project and please know that your support will be realized by many.


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